About Us


A native of Orange, Virginia, Dylan Mullins found his calling to cuisine while growing up with his mother and grandmother, great southern cooks always helping in the kitchen and eager to learn. Mullins enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu of Los Angeles and embraced his new career with passion. Upon graduation, he worked in fine dining restaurants on Catalina Island and Club Med in Dominican Republic, but the song of mountain rivers called to this avid outdoorsmen soul and prompted a move to the Rocky Mountains. He secured a position as Sous Chef at Heck’s Tavern, working under James Beard Award winning chef, Evan Treadwell, at the luxury Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort in Winter Park, Colorado. After a few years, Mullins took an executive chef position and helped open Acres Restaurant in Denver, Colorado. He worked as Acres’ head chef for four years until starting a new journey with EZ Eats.


  • Hire our trailer!
  • We can provide a restaurant quality dining experience for your weekend gatherings. Enjoy your fri +sat dinner with friends without all of the preparations.


In an effort to bring you the freshest, TCS, and highest quality meals, we try to use local and organic produce, herbs, spices, cooking oil‘s, and blank. This is not always possible due to season Aliti but more often than not, it is.


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